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is a DFW based company that converts the intense Texas sunlight into clean, inexpensive electricity. Our company's mission is to properly assess our client's needs, to install the best solar panel technology possible, to provide excellent service and to guarantee our work, because our reputation, the protection of the environment, and the care of our clients is critical to our company.


  • Electric power that is abundant and clean

  • Lowered electric bills immediately

  • Protection against higher bills in the future

  • Surplus energy resulting in monthly credits

  • Back-up electricity during a power outage

  • Energy independence and you in control

  • Protection of the environment

  • A dramatic increase in the value of your home

Only certified SolarLife personnel manage every aspect of the project. Including design, permits, installation, inspections and performance, SolarLife guarantees the best system and performance possible.

All work is warranted

Though warranted by our manufacturers with a 30-year power protection guarantee, solar panels are built to last for 50-100 years. SolarLife only works with the best dealers of the newest and most innovative technology.

Exceptional Technology

80% of electricity in Texas is generated by burning fossil fuels. You can OWN YOUR OWN ENERGY using free fuel provided by the sun—no CO2 emissions into the environment and no water used in the production of clean, everlasting energy.

Contribute to a

cleaner planet


We are now Living the SolarLife! 

We are very impressed with the care and professionalism of everyone at SolarLife Technology. Designing the perfect system for our electricity needs was always the goal. Excellent communications from the design, financing,and installation. Will recommend to all my friends and family. Thank You!

We are now producing "Green Energy"

Thanks to SolarLife Technology. Lowering our electric bill was a must for us. SolarLife is very knowledgable in all aspects of Solar. They designed the perfect system for us. It feels great to produce our own energy. 

Wow!,describes SolarLife Technology. 

Our pergola with solar panels look amazing. It will provide much needed shade and power for years to come. The dual purpose of the pergola is perfect for our backyard. Mark at SolarLife is a delight to work with on design, financing and tax insentives for our solar array. Joe leads the  team of hard working and focused installers that care about and respect our property during installation. Job well done. We are excited to watch our meter move backwards! 





1. Sunlight is absorbed into the solar panels and converted into Direct Current electricity.

2. The Inverter changes the Direct Current electricity into Alternating Current electricity.

3. When the solar system produces excess energy, it causes the electric company's meter to run backwards.

4. Solar systems reduce the chance of power fluctuations that damage equipment.

5. If demand exceeds solar production, electricity is still continuously produced.

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